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KSJK-803 Data Acquisition and Transmission Equipment


Instrument Features:
1. Employment of ucLinux operating system with stable running environment
2. Three transmission modes: GPRS, CDMA and the Ethernet
3. 32-bit industrial class embedded ARM CPU with outstanding processing ability
4. Available to save the historical data for up to 365 days with reliability, the total memory capability is 2G
5. Supports various communication modes to the field equipments with easy installation
6. Applicable to real-time data transmission and supervision of running status of instruments
7. Available to monitor field operating conditions
8. Supports inversion of control to the inferior instruments

1. 32-bit industrial class embedded ARM CPU with outstanding process ability; 60MHz running frequency which brings to lower power dissipation and faster running speed.
2. Supports the State Standard Communication Protocol ¡°Standard for data communication of pollution emission auto monitoring system¡± (HJ/T212-2005)
3. Supports hundreds of different communication protocols; communication protocols could be added with customers¡¯ requirements
4. Available to various channels for communication; able to keep communicating with different centers
5. Various modes to connect with field instruments, these are including: RS232, CAN line, analog value module and switching value module
6. Real-time memory capability is 10MB, total capability is 2 G; furthermore, the memory capability could be enlarged by CF card
7. Voltage range: AC187V~AC242V, with double power supply support; the rechargeable battery can work over six hours after the power breakdown
8. Designed with anti-electrostatic interference, anti-surge interference, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-high frequency interference, smoke-proof function and moisture-proof function
9. Designed with single Ethernet interface which is available in LAN
10. LCD display with user-friendly colorful screen











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